About Pamoja africa

Authentic Experiences, Positive Impacts

Pamoja Africa allows you to reconnect with the planet's diversity. It allows you to escape to a place where the ancient rhythms of the seasons, rather than the clock and calendar, govern life.

It presents a hopeful vision that combines conservation, research, and an unrivaled safari experience. Everything we do is guided by our mission statement: to leave the world in a better state than we found it.

Who we are

The origin of our company name “Pamoja” comes from the Kiswahili word meaning “As One”, and it is the spirit and understanding of this concept that drives our company philosophy to make a difference to the planet earth through protecting nature, and which also influences our unique and welcoming hospitality towards all.

Our lodge is located on the outskirts of the agricultural town of Karatu. It is on the doorstep of the famous Ngorongoro Crater and is an eco-friendly luxury lodge which aims to harmonize with the environment through its natural, unobtrusive design and positioning.

Our strong belief is in the conservation of the land and its value as a home for generations to come. We do this by sharing our in-depth knowledge and passion with all people.

This exclusive, privately owned properties is run by local professionals who have been successfully operating in the premium hospitality industry for many years with outstanding results and they have the resources, knowledge, experience and passion required to effectively and consistently run such a high caliber facility within the accepted international standards.

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